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    Stop glamorizing teen pregnancy

    It’s bad enough I am writing about the Kardashians. But this has to be said. They are just so difficult not to keep up with. And that bothers me. With the birth of the newest Kardashian/Jenner clan, the daughter of youngest Jenner Kylie, I could not keep this to myself. Rumors were circling for months before she announced the birth of ‘Stormi Webster’ with her baby daddy, Travis Scott. Let’s not begin to speculate on the fact that baby daddy Scott and Jenner were probably celebrating their 1 month anniversary before they allegedly told their family the news. Sure, who am I to tell a bunch of rich kids to use some protection, and maybe, I don’t know — take things slow. You only broke up with long time boyfriend, Tyga, like 2 minutes prior, right? Oh okay. That’s none of my business.

    But apparently it is.

    I don’t want to know this much about the Kardashians/Jenners. But if you’re going to force their business down my throat on my Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while making me look at their faces on magazines while I wait to pay for my groceries – well, you win. Her existence is solely to feed into superficial matters, having created a multi-million dollar brand centering around lips and cheekbones. So obviously I’m going to have a bit of a problem when her baby’s photograph – which looks like it was posted off of Stock Images – becomes the most liked photo on Instagram to date. Clearly, y’all need some schooling on the glamorization of teen pregnancy. Let me break it down for you.

    Kylie Jenner was 19 years old when she became pregnant. She just came out of her teenage years. And it’s safe to assume she is not one to be ‘beyond her years’. Given everything we’ve seen so far, she doesn’t have much substance to offer to society as of now. While it is commendable that she has created a successful business using the obsession of her face, the only thing we should be celebrating surrounding the news of her new baby – is Stormi’s financial stability. Sexual education in highschool taught us the truth; raising a baby is no joke. So why is it that this girl – who specializes in selfies – is being celebrated for her new job title as a mom.

    Again, who am I to tell anyone, including Kylie Jenner, about their life decisions. You do you girl. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. After sparking controversy surrounding thousands of girls with injuries from trying to plump up their lips, it’s no secret that Jenner has an influence amoung teenagers and young girls. Her lip kits sell out in minutes. Her fashion sense can be seen being mirrored in hallways in every North American highschool trying to be her. So yes, there has to be some level of responsibility when it comes to the impact of personal choices, Kylie.

    It’s important for young girls to know that Kylie Jenner’s new baby should not be something to ‘look up to’. It’s not something to become the most liked photograph on Instagram. She made the decision to have that baby, and she has the means to support her baby. According to her pregnancy video, which has over 24 million views and counting, pregnancy is about sonograms, burgers, and stocking your nursery. Unfortunately, the average Jane will have a very different journey with their own teen pregnancy. Jane may have wanted a child since ‘the age of 15’, but that doesn’t mean she is ready to procreate. Because unlike Jenner, you probably can’t even stock your nursery with diapers – let alone the latest baby fashion pieces from New York Fashion Week. And when your baby cries at 3 a.m, your in-house nanny won’t be there to soothe her. So think about your decisions. And choose wisely.

    That’s all.