DIY Postpartum Kits

Awaiting the arrival of a baby is an exciting journey. Everyone can’t wait to meet the little one! However, the excitement of a new baby can take away from the attention a new mama needs as well. Make a postpartum kit for them with all their vaginal essentials. It makes for a unique and super useful baby shower gift amidst all the onesies and stuffies. My friend, who had just become a new mom, gave me one during my third trimester. It was so helpful to have everything at hand, including the things I would never think of, and made the few moments I had to myself just that much better. I found it so useful that I gifted the same kits for two of my other friends who became/will be first time moms this year. Here’s what the kit includes:

  • Menstrual pads, Witch Hazel Toner, Aloe Vera Gel

Use these to make padsicles and thank me later. Be sure to squirt some Aloe Vera Gel with your Witch Hazel Toner, which is not mentioned in the video. I found that the frozen gel is what provided the most relief. Keep these stocked in your freezer before giving birth so they’re ready to go when you’re home with your baby. You will want to use these at least once or twice a day so having 10-15 padsicles at hand should be enough before the burning begins to subside.

  • Disposable underwear

I have never heard of postpartum underwear. It’s not cute and thus, no one ever talks about it. Instead of packing your underwear in your hospital bag, grab some disposable ones from your local drug mart or superstore. It saves you the extra few minutes of changing your underwear and keeps everything intact. (Plus, you’ll have more time to admire your new baby). Padsicles can get heavy in a regular underwear so these help carry the weight. Disposable underwear is especially useful if you’ve had a C-section as it keeps your stiches tucked away too.

  • Tuck’s Medicated Cooling Pads

Tuck’s pads are similar to padsicles but they’re thinner so it’s good to have in your hospital bag if you won’t have access to a freezer to store your padsicles in. Throw some of these pads on your underwear or menstrual pads (or tuck them into your stiches) to provide some relief in your nether regions.

  • Mama’s Organic Nipple butter

Breastfeeding hurts when you’re first starting out. It’s a skill you and your baby have to learn. In the process, your nipples will become very dry. Sometimes, they’ll crack and bleed. But again, no one ever talks about that. Nipple butter is an essential for breastfeeding moms. Apply some before and after feeding (it’s safe for baby to suck) to keep them moisturized. Nipple pads are also essential as your breasts will leak while your supply regulates. Take warm showers and do wet compresses to ease the pain. You got this, mama!

  • Hakka pump

So get this. Sometimes, when you’re breastfeeding from the right, your left will start leaking. Like a lot. Don’t waste the golden juice though. Hold the hakka pump to your opposite side when you’re nursing to catch all the milk. I was able to store 10 bags of breast milk to freeze within a week using just the hakka pump. We were blessed to have a good sleeper so I would find both my breasts would start leaking if Yusra was taking a long nap. I ended up purchasing two Hakka pumps for this reason. Even if I didn’t use both at the same time often, it was convenient to use one while the other was in the fridge.

  • Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are good during pregnancy and postpartum. It relaxes your muscles which can become sore and tired while growing a baby. Baths during the end of third trimester can also help dilate and induce labour. Then, after birth, soak your perineum in Epsom salts to avoid infection, encourage healing, and reduce swelling. Lavender is also known to calm your senses which is an added bonus for a new mama who has been up every two hours feeding their little one.

Postpartum is not easy. It’s especially not easy when new moms forget to take care of themselves and oftentimes, so do their loved ones. Hand the new mama in your life these essentials to offer them some much needed relief. They’ll thank you. Their vagina will thank you. And what’s more rewarding than seeing your loved one happy and healing?