Yusra’s $33 Toddler Room Makeover!

Can you believe it? My baby is now a toddler. But it wasn’t because of this that Yusra’s room got a bit of a transformation. I had actually just converted her crib into a toddler bed. That was to be the extent of her room update. The day was December 12, 2020. It was a beautiful day. We read books together in her new bed and I watched her climb in and out with one tear in my eye. The independence my then 16 month old had/has was truly melting my heart. Then the next morning, my husband sat in her new bed as we played together as a family. Life was great. I went to go join him as he said, “I don’t think the two of us can…..”

The tiny crib mattress that once sat several inches off the ground on its metal spring was now on the floor.

Yes. I sat on my baby’s bed and broke it. I broke it bad. The metal frame bent in such a way that I couldn’t even disassemble it properly.

Exhibit A

Toddler Bed

Alas, we had to part ways with it. I sold it on Facebook Marketplace for $50. (I know, what?!) I learned someone else’s trash is truly someone else’s treasure. We found a brand new toddler bed, with a mattress and even bedding all for $20. Again, someone else’s trash is truly… you know.

The bed, however, was a birch colour. With a black toy shelf, a blue chair, and a birch bed – the quirky mismatched vibe of the room had come to an end. Now, it looked like a hot mess. And my baby deserved better. Thus became the quickest, thriftiest, and safest pandemic bedroom makeover a mom could do.

Exhibit B: Messy, hot mess (The crib mattress can be found under the toddler bed missing its once very stylish home.)

Everything I purchased was found on Facebook Marketplace. I tried really hard not to buy anything from big retailers and anything I liked online would have taken forever to ship due to the current lockdown. It was frustrating at times, given everyone was homebound and unable to make trips to furniture stores. So things were getting sold extra quickly on FB Marketplace. (Although it is nice to see people purchasing second hand items). I searched far and wide for the perfect pieces, making sure they would fit the theme of her new room. All her furniture had to be one colour this time and the natural wood and bamboo were adjacent to my Montessori teachings and the boho vibes of not only her room, but our home.

Toy Shelf

I found all the big furniture pieces first. Her toy shelf was the most challenging to replace. With marketplace suddenly everyone’s favourite place to buy shelves, I was at a loss. IKEA no longer sells Birch Kallax shelves which was initially my first choice. Everything similar in this colour is currently out of stock. All the other options that I came across were either out of my budget or would take weeks to arrive. By then, the thought of Yusra’s toys scattered on her floor with nowhere to go drove me bonkers. So I then decided to purchase a new shelf, breaking my own rule at purchasing second hand furniture only. Thanks, Canadian Tire. However, the oak stain did not flow in the room and it was one of the first times Imad and I collectively agreed on a design choice; the shelf had to go. Fortunately, I was able to find this Birch Kallax on Marketplace for $45 and find a new purpose in life outside of shopping for a shelf. Life was meaningful again.

Rattan Rocker

This rocking chair is my favourite piece in the room. I found it on marketplace and was happy to learn that it was actually from a small business owner called Ebb Flo. They rehome one of a kind vintage pieces and thrifted finds. So cool! I love the beautiful taupe cushion; its comfy and it complements the textiles in her room so well!

Wicker Shelf

Now that everything was birch/bamboo, choosing a shelf for Yusra’s wall was much easier. I opted for a bamboo shelf, also found on marketplace. The thing I love about rattan is that when there are damages or imperfections, it adds to the character of the piece. Either way, I’m so glad to FINALLY have a place to showcase some cute things that Yusra can’t actually play with, but loves to acknowledge and point at least a 100 times a day. They are all gifted trinkets from my best friends and Imad’s family, which is truly a testament to all the people in her life that care about her.

Yusra’s display of knick knacks gifted to her by various loved ones.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Ahh yes, Yusra’s new mirror. It was the first time I decided to try my hand at DIY. I was inspired by Lone Fox to create a bamboo sunburst mirror. I initially bought a large 32 inch mirror for $20 and shattered it trying to take it out of its frame. I cried and threw it out, pretending it never happened. Thus we will not count this as an expense towards Yusra’s room makeover. It was a mere learning experience and motivation to DO BETTER.

First attempt at DIY sunburst mirror

I then purchased another (frameless) mirror, roughly 21 inches, and succeeded in creating a sunburst using wooden dowels from the dollar store and a lot- a lot- of raffia string. It took a few Netflix shows and some mid project why-did-I-think-this-was-a-good-idea blues, but the end result proved it was worth it. All for $28. Yay!

10 p.m. and chilling with a hot glue gun because #momlife

Mirrors similar to this cost over $100. And although its not perfect, I do like the idea that I made this for my daughter. It ties everything in beautifully and its imperfection adds to the vintage, au naturel vibe of the room.

Besides, my baby rejoicing at her perfection while looking at my imperfect mirror is the definition of motherhood.


Yusra loves her new room. She enjoys cuddling in her new bed (which has been sat on cautiously numerous times and has been proven to withstand adult weight). She enjoys reading books with her flower pillow and blanket. Every night after her bath, Yusra stands by the window and tells me about her day as she makes me sit and listen. She points to Bertha and smiles and then looks at her new shelf full of knick knacks from her loved ones. She provides a commentary only she can understand. She practices her fine motor skills using the toys on her toy shelf. Only when its past her bedtime though. During diaper changes, she examines the wooden dowels on her new mirror and giggles and blows kisses at the sight of her reflection. Watching Yusra in her new room becoming her own little person makes everything priceless.

All at the cost of $33! 🙂

Crib: $50
Kallax Shelf: $70
White Pouf: $30
Glider: $80
Blue Armchair: $100 
Toddler Bed: $20
Kallax Shelf: $45
Wicker Basket: $30
Wicker Shelf: $60
Rattan Swivel Chair: $180
DIY Mirror: $28 
Total: $330Total: $363

Total cost of Makeover: $33