Yusra’s 2nd Birthday: Bubbles!

What does my two year like besides making a mess and putting everything in her mouth? Bubbles! The search for the perfect bubble aesthetic was on. Something simple is always on my priority list and Imad and I were adamant on another party at a park. The outdoors make it more comfortable for guests to pop by as they please and there’s no huge pre party and post party cleanup involved as there would be in our home.

Yusra’s first birthday party was more of a smash cake photo session. So this year, because she is able to communicate and understands that ‘something’s happening’ and ‘I’m 2’ we decided to really emphasize the ‘birthday aspect’. Themed balloons helped with that.

The fun thing about toddlers is how social they are! Yusra’s friend circle is growing with her baby friends no longer being babies anymore so I was really excited to put together this kid’s table for them. I got a coffee table for free on Facebook Marketplace and DIYed the ‘bubbles’ balloon garland. The bubble party favours are from Dollarama. I opted for clear bubble bottles to match the aesthetic and threw some blush pillows in there just for a bit of colour – and to make sure it was known that it’s my baby girl’s birthday. 🙂

Cakeular made the cake this year too. The lollipops were handmade to go with the bubble theme and everything else was kept white and clean.

Since it was Yusra’s first party with her friends, I thought it would be cute to make a toddler friendly snack board. The plan was to have them all share at the kid’s table but there was a wasp infestation at the location we chose thus making it difficult to even enjoy a juice box without being swarmed. We tried putting up traps we grabbed from Canadian Tire, but they proved to be absolutely useless. The kids were scared and so. was. I.

Fortunately, the bubble party was not short of any bubbles. We might have been a little hungry but bubbles saved the day! These bubble machines I found at sale at Indigo were not the best purchase. One stopped working before the party even started. The other one was leaking all over the place but got the job done for a few hours.

My princess really enjoyed sitting on her throne with bubbles being blown at her. However, she definitely has my personality in which she’s easily overwhelmed by large crowds. Her second birthday had a lot more guests than her first due to Covid restrictions lessening as well as us wanting more kids/friends there to celebrate with us. So, despite everything, she was still a little reserved.

She much preferred basking in the bubbles – by herself. Same girl, same.

Because of her RBF in almost all of her party pictures, Imad and I took her to the park the day of her birthday to take some fun photographs of her solo. I’m glad we did because they are so precious.

It was more on cue with her ‘bubbly’ personality. And I’m so glad to have captured these moments of my not so baby girl. These years just keep flying by and as much as I want to pause and slow everything down, I also can’t wait to see what we have in store together.