Meet my plants!

I am a plant mom.  It was over 2 years since I became a mom of one, and now have a total of 13 plants in my home. These are not counting the ones that have tragically passed during my journey of finding my green thumb. I love the look of plants in a home. It instantly brightens up a […]

5 Ways To Keep Tidy With a Baby

When they’re newborns, its the laundry. Then it’s you. Your hair is unwashed, your dishes are piled up. As months pass by, it becomes the food, the toys, the random spoons they can’t seem to part with until you find them forgotten all throughout the house. And of course – more laundry. Babies are messy. But that doesn’t mean you […]

Yusra Turns ONE!

I still remember my eggs being too salty for breakfast the morning I was induced. It’s unbelievable how quickly the past year has gone by. The first six months were rough. Learning how to breastfeed, battling the isolation and loneliness that comes with being a first time mom, and the constant struggle of figuring how to do stuff with the […]

How COVID-19 helped my marriage

No one ever talks about the resentment new moms feel towards their partners when raising a baby. Almost everyday before Imad started working from home, I hated him. I hated how he got to sleep peacefully while I had to get up numerous times during the night to breastfeed. I hated how he got to commute to work and be […]

TRAVEL DIARY: Cairo, Egypt

The desert sand between my toes, the beaming sun on my face after a long, treacherous Canadian winter, and the beautiful landmarks visible from almost anywhere on the streets are just a few of the things that have me yearning to go back to Egypt. In the middle of the trip were a few other moments I wish we were […]