Whether you’re reading this from a cafe in Downtown Toronto or an office from the depths of a skyscraper in South Korea- thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Tasnia, a 24 year old Toronto resident. I am currently a freelancer, working for The Edge: A Leader’s Magazine, and Women’s Post Media. Check out my most recent articles in the Portfolio section and let me know what you think! As for this website, well – I thought I’d try my hand at blogging without boundaries. This isn’t your average blog about business and technology. It doesn’t cater solely to women. This blog centers around me. My thoughts, my opinions, my words – sans rules.

The intent behind this blog was long in the making, but taking the leap and getting it started was something that has taken years. (Yikes!) However, now that you are reading this, I guess you and I both have something to look forward to. So what’s this about? Well, let me tell you folks.

My mission is simple; to advocate for the voiceless.  And to those rays of sunshine, I would like to issue a friendly reminder that someone is always listening. This platform will provide those with a safe space to put the spotlight on perspectives that’s not always portrayed in mainstream society.  Along with responses to current events and emerging political and social movements, I will be sharing my journey towards improving my physical and mental health and wellness.

Of course, expect a few light-hearted posts on all things personal. Whether it’s relationships, home decor, organization tips, and some recipes I’ve recently been  trying in order to feed my family – you can get an exclusive front seat into my life. Get comfortable!

If you have any suggestions of blog posts you’d like me to tackle, I would love to hear from you guys. Till then…Stay tuned! Leave me a comment and let me know you’re here. But most importantly, feel free to disagree on my thoughts and opinions.

About the Author

“Stay soft – it looks beautiful on you” –                      Nayirrah Waheed  

    Born in New York, raised in Toronto, Ontario, I’ve always been a city girl on the lookout for the next best thing. My passion for writing started at the young age of 12, when I was selected to be the editor of my middle school newsletter. Whether its covering current events, writing click-bait articles, latest fashion trends, health and wellness posts, or a personal piece on a major event in my life, my work is created with creativity and honesty.